• Media Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat ( MPKM )

    The Journal of Community Service Media is an online dissemination media based on the Open Journal System (OJS) which publishes articles or scientific writings resulting from Community Service (PKM) activities.

    E-ISSN : 2962-8164
    P-ISSN : xxxx - xxxx

  • Journal of Criminal Law Studies ( JCLS )

    Journal of Criminal Law Studies is a venue for scientific information in the field of law resulting from scientific research or research-based scientific law writing. It covers a broad range of topics, including Business Law, Antitrust and Competition Law, Intellectual Property Rights Law, Criminal Law, International Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Agrarian Law, Medical Law, Adat Law, and Environmental Law.

    E-ISSN : xxxx - xxxx
    P-ISSN : xxxx - xxxx

  • Journal Of Engineering And Technology Innovation ( JETI )

    Journal Of Engineering And Technology Innovation( JETI ) is a scientific publication periodically to accommodate the research for lecturers who want to publish the results of scientific work in the form of literature, research, and technological development as a form of application of methods, algorithms, or framework that includes a variety of topics related to engineering studies, science or other topics related to the field of engineering.

    E-ISSN : 2828-1209
    P-ISSN : 2828-1462

  • Economics And Business Management Journal ( EBMJ )

    EBMJ invites in yours the various topics include in areas of business & management: marketing management, finance management, strategic management, operation management, human resource management, e-business, knowledge management, management accounting, management control system, management information system, international business, business economics, managerial economics, business ethics and sustainable, and entrepreneurship.

    E - ISSN : 2828-0288
    P - ISSN : 2828-1470