Pemberdayaan Praktik Pengelolaan Keuangan di Kalangan UMKM: Pelatihan Pembukuan Pemilik Kantin Universitas

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Eka Sudarmaji
Sri Ambarwati
Dhani Ilham


Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) play a vital role in the Indonesian economy, contributing over 60% to GDP. However, many MSME entrepreneurs have limited knowledge in financial management and bookkeeping practices. This research aims to provide training on proper financial management to MSME cafeteria owners in Pancasila University using the BukuWarung application. Questionnaires, interviews, and observations were conducted to assess current practices and obstacles faced by 6 MSME entrepreneurs. A seminar was then held via Zoom to deliver materials on bookkeeping best practices tailored for MSMEs and tutorial on the BukuWarung app which can help track revenues, expenses, profits/losses, and cash flow. Pre-post questionnaires revealed improved understanding in participants. Key obstacles faced were inconsistent manual records, difficulty tracking inventories and sales, and determining profits/losses. The BukuWarung application provides timely, accurate financial data to support sound business decisions and resilience. Proper bookkeeping is imperative for MSME growth, enabling performance monitoring and identification of issues/opportunities. It is hoped this community service spurs ongoing use of bookkeeping applications, assisting MSME viability amidst uncertainties and economic challenges. Further follow up is recommended to drive adoption and provide assistance if difficulties arise.

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