Peer Reviewers Process

Each article that goes into the editorial will be selected through a Preliminary Review process by the Editorial Board. Then, the article will be sent to the Peer Reviewer for subsequent selection by the Blind Review process. After that, the article will be returned to the author for revision. This process takes two months for maximum time. In each manuscript, Peer Reviewers will be judged on the substantial and technical aspects. Peer Reviewers who collaborate with experts according to topics in their respective fields.

The principle of recruiting reviewers at least has written a scientific journal as the first author, or a member of the authors, both nationally accredited scientific journal publications and international scientific journal publications.

All submitted manuscripts will be selected by the editorial board. Manuscripts evaluated by editors that do not meet the journal's criteria will be rejected without external review. Manuscripts that are evaluated to attract the interest of our readers are sent to reviewers using the Blind Review system. The editor then makes a decision based on the reviewer's recommendations with several possibilities, namely: rejected, revision is needed, or accepted.

Editors have the right to decide which manuscripts should be published later.

Review Process:

  1. The Author Sends The Manuscript
  2. Initial Review By The Editor (Some Manuscripts May Be Rejected Or Returned Prior To The Review Process). If It Is Not In Accordance With The Scope Of The Journal, It Will Be Returned For Rejection.
  3. The Review Process Is Carried Out By Means Of A Blind Review. There Are A Total Of Two (2) Reviewers, If The Results Of The Assessment Are Not Balanced, It Will Be Submitted To Additional Reviewers. The Maximum Limit Is Two Months For Review.
  4. Editor's Decision
  5. Confirm To The Author